Siren Sophisticates
Jewelry for the modern woman






The Empris  Collection is our rose gold collection. The rose gold collection is fun and epitomizes femininity.  These pieces are sure to give you an edge .  


The Zanoa Collection was created to pay homage to the motherland. The pieces in this collection are inspired by various cultures and countries throughout the continent of Africa. 


The Jessica Collection is our pearl collection. The Jessica Collection features elegant  pieces well suited for special occasions.  Many of the pieces were created with the modern bride in mind. From weddings to Proms,  shop the  Jessica Collection  to  make a  special day even better. Although the Jessica Collection embodies elegance, some pieces  are crafted for everyday wear. 



The Custom Collection features  handcrafted pieces. Each piece was designed and created by  the founder with love.  Each piece is unique and there are no duplicates.  This means you will never see anyone with the exact piece as you. This collection  was created with you in mind.  


The Shan Collection is  our gold collection and is named after my oldest niece.  The Shan Collection represents the youthfulness of the modern woman. The pieces in this collection are energetic, vivacious, and sometimes eclectic.


The Taliah Collection represents spiritual maturity and spiritual growth. This Collection  will include a variety of vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples.  The Taliah Collection is named after my niece Taliah.  The Fall 2017 Collection represents her favorite colors and  includes  various hues of blue and  blue green. 


Siren Sophisticates represents the modern woman. The modern woman is innovative, savvy, and has unparalleled business acumen.  She embodies strength, but she epitomizes elegance, class, style, and grace. The modern woman knows how to play the game and she always plays for keeps.   She does not follow the latest wave. She creates the latest wave.  The modern woman is winning in life because she knows that there is no mountain that she can’t move.

Siren Sophisticates embodies all the qualities of the modern woman.  Siren Sophisticates is not just a company selling products.  Siren Sophisticates is a movement representing women entrepreneurs, artists, lawyers, doctors, homemakers, athletes, engineers, preachers, teachers, wives, mothers….  the list goes on and on.  You see, Siren Sophisticates was created for every woman who understands that she can do whatever she sets her mind to, who understands that she can have whatever she says she can have, and who understands that she can be whoever she wants to be. Siren Sophisticates is every woman. Siren Sophisticates is you!